We are a London Based media outlet alerting you to things to do for people of colour.

As young, active people with a little more disposable income than we had a few years ago, we’re always looking for fun ways to spend our evenings and weekends. But looking at popular events directories and city guides can prove rather useless for us – goat races, pub-crawls, naked bike rides and hardly diverse sixteenth century portraiture do not necessarily appeal to us as much as they might others!

To make things worse, the spread of gentrification is drastically changing not only the physical urban landscape but also the very the configurations of multiculture itself. We’ve endured but sure disappearance of the shops, eateries and clubs that we laboured to create in the once undesirable regions that we first settled in – there’s even treacherous talk of getting rid of Nottinghill Carnival! These landmarks of our cultures have been replaced by extortionately priced albeit well designed establishments in which we feel neither completely welcome nor comfortable.

We found ourselves having to look far too hard for activities that pertain to our interests as young people of colour: cinema and theatre productions that attest to our experiences… art exhibitions in which we are complexly represented… venues that play our music rather than pop, or house… spaces frequented by people who look like us or at least people who know the precise time it was when Usher was in his drop-top cruising the streets…

Thankfully, our thorough research has shown activities organised by us and for us continue to abound nevertheless – they simply aren’t as widely promoted, not least in one place. This is why we felt it necessary to create this platform, so that you don’t have to look as hard as we did!


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